Friday, August 29, 2014

"Food, What?!" August Photo of the Month

Outstanding 2014 FoodWhat Summer Job Training Program!
Final week on the farm (top).
Closing dinner to celebrate youth and their families (bottom).

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer 2014 Final Dinner!

Our final dinner was a huge hit! 
All of our friends, family, and folks who supported us throughout the summer gathered at the FoodWhat farm to celebrate the summer with us, ending the program on a perfect note. 

We kicked the night off with a warm welcome to our guests and giving huge props to the FoodWhat crew for completing the summer program. Celebrating such amazing accomplishments meant an equally amazing meal, made from ingredients mostly grown by the FoodWhat crew themselves. All of our hard work brought veggie lasagna, spicy string beans, and bountiful salad to the table.

With full bellies, we heard some personal testimonies from our team. We heard stories of new inspiration from attending the RIC Conference (Rooted in Community) in New Mexico, healthier lifestyles, and improved work ethic. We celebrated our summer growth with warm berry crumble for dessert.

Next up, we gave huge thanks to those who supported us throughout the program. Huge shout outs went to the FoodWhat Staff, Junior staff, and all of our supporters from the extended community joining us that night.

Then it was our turn to look back on the work we did throughout the summer with a rad slideshow to give our friends and family a peak into the incredible work we did over the summer. Abby and Roanna handed out cookbooks with all of our photos from the year to look back on our experiences and keep cooking FoodWhat style at home. Leo, Abby, Roanna, and Doron gave props to each individual on the crew for goals they had accomplished and the personal strengths they brought to the team as a whole. With a last congratulations, Roanna presented everyone with their fall job to continue working as part of the FoodWhat team with a more specialized position come September.

Congratulations to the 2014 Summer Crew!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Learn about our BLASTS!

Once a week during the summer program, the FoodWhat Crew participates in a BLAST.  You might be wondering... what is a BLAST?  Well each Wednesday, we go to a different school or community garden and help fix up the gardens.  This is especially helpful for schools that do not have garden staff over the summer; when the kids come back in the fall, the garden is not totally over grown and unruly! 

"Knowing we can help out is definitely an honor." -Miguel

So far this summer, we have "BLASTED" at: Bay View Elementary, Pajaro Valley High, Mesa Verde in Watsonville, Pacific Elementary, DeLaveaga Elementary, Costanoa High, Branciforte Middle School, and Bonny Doon Elementary.

Here are some examples of before and afters:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Food, What?!" July Photo of the Month

Summer Job Training Program in Full Effect!

Three snapshots:
1. The Crew, Carrots and Beets!
2. Jr. Staff member, Thairie, instructing the harvest.
3. Cesar, Leo, Miguel, Maria, and Esmeralda repping FoodWhat in New Mexico at Rooted in Community (national youth empowerment and food justice summit).
FoodWhat is family.
It is with abounding joy and sleepy eyes that Kirstin (my wife) and I share the news of the birth of our son, Asa Taylor Comerchero. Asa comes from the Old Testament and is translated from the Hebrew as "healer."  This little man is a total gem and it is my absolute pleasure to introduce him to all of you...