Thursday, May 26, 2016

Week 11

FIN! We cannot believe that our Spring Internship at FoodWhat?! has come to an end! It is a bitter sweet moment for all of us because this program truly motivated and inspired each and everyone of us to be the best we can be! We have come along way since the start of the internship and we couldn't have done it on our own without the help of our amazing facilitators! So thank you guys so much for allowing us to be apart of this amazing welcoming space! On that note, lets dive in to our last weekly doings at FoodWhat?! We first started off our day with a three-legged race! The olympic game was toooo wild, that we couldn't decide on a genuine winner...but all in all, it was a fun icebreaker! WE then moved on to the kitchen where we finally go to prep our pizza dough and pizza toppings (it's a receipt we've been waiting for since the beginning of the! While we waited for the dough to rise, we headed out to the farm where we did our last of garden work! We covered potatoes with more soil to give it more nutrients! We then worked on our resumes! It was extremely helpful for the majority of us because we've never created one until now! We all now have professional resumes we can use for future job openings! We then found our way back into the kitchen where we placed veggie toppings on our pizza dough and popped our pizza into an outdoor wood fire...the smokiness really gave our pizza that authentic Italian taste! After eating our delicious pizza, we were handed our perfect attendants award, our checks, a FoodWhat?! tee-shirt, and a FoodWhat?! bracelet. With our tee-shirt, bracelets, and 11 week experience, we will never forget the personal growth we developed at FoodWhat?! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 10

Whaaaa?!...last couple weeks of FoodWhat?! The faster the time goes, the more sad we get because soon the Spring Internship for FoodWhat?! will be FINITO. So before we cry our eyes out, lets share this weeks deliciousness with you all! We started off our day with the HUMAN KNOT icebreaker! This game put our patience and minds to the test! It was difficult but not impossible to untangle the craziness! We then did some farm work where we prepared beds for planting by shoveling out those annoying weeds! We also planted beans! We headed down to the strawberry fields where we harvested the ripest strawberries for our Strawberry Blast festival...we of course tasted them too! After our farm activities, we moved into the kitchen where we cooked TONS of green spinach to fill our cheesy mouthwatering SPANAKOPITAS...yummy! While we waited for our golden Greek triangular pieces of heaven to bake, we talked about budgeting money! Irene did great on teaching us on the importance of saving and spending wisely. We finally ended our week 10 at FoodWhat?! by eating our delicious SPANAKOPITAS!

Can we untangle our human knot??

Josie planting bean seeds



 How to make a budget
What does wealth mean to you?

Friday, May 13, 2016

You can raise funds for FoodWhat with just a few clicks!

Vote Online Today for FoodWhat in New Leaf’s Envirotoken Program!

Every time you reuse a bag at New Leaf Community Markets, you get 10¢ to give to a local, non-profit group. New Leaf started the Envirotoken program in 1993 to encourage recycling and support local non-profits working to protect the environment. Customers and residents can vote for six nonprofits to be Envirotoken recipients annually at each New Leaf location. 

This is FoodWhat's first time on the Envirotoken ballot, and we need your help earning the votes to be chosen! This valuable program can raise thousands of dollars to support the awesome young folks in FoodWhat with the programs and opportunities to step into their success. 

Please vote for us today for these three stores:

And, please spread the word! This is a super competitive campaign and your local friends, family, and co-workers can all vote and help take FoodWhat across the finish line!

Let's do this!! :-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 9 of the Spring Internship - Nearing the Finish Line!

Alright, lets get right into it because we only have 2 weeks left before our Spring Internship at "Food, What?!" comes to an end! We started our day with a trust ice-breaker, where one of us was blindfolded, and the other guided us through a craaaazzzzyyyy obstacle course! The trust was real!

We then decided to take it back old school by threshing wheat, that's right, wheat! We then worked on our arms by winnowing the wheat...great workout! 

....We ground up all the wheat into powder form so that we can begin prepping out pretzel dough! We let the dough sit, so that the yeast can do its job!  Add into the mix - we learned all there is to know about the importance of whole grains!

 Following our workshop, we migrated to the strawberry fields to pick the most red, juiciest, ripest, and biggest strawberries ever! 

We ended our day with a mindfulness workshop with breathing exercises, and learning alternative ways to destress your mess! Finally, we ate our delicious pretzels we made from scratch!